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We specialise in handmade Tuscan terracotta from Italy as well as what we feel are a selection of unique pots that you won't find in every day garden centres.

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Tuscan planters are wonderfully elegant and classic, they look great in any setting and with any plant, from Mediterranean classics like Olives to topiary, any plant looks good in terracotta.
Our Tuscan planters are made by hand in a family business where the tradition is handed down from generation to generation, with a history dating back to the 1800's in Petroio in the province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy.  Tuscan planters are so good, they are often left to family descendants in their wills!
Production of these pots by hand is a slow process, it is one of the oldest traditions in Tuscany.  Since the 1300's there  have been kilns that transformed the clay into various forms keeping this tradition alive and making each pot unique and it takes many weeks to produce them.
The drying of the pots is lengthy, firstly they are left to dry slowly before being removed from the moulds and then placed into the kilns where they are fired at over 1000 degrees for several days, before again being left to dry with warmer air.  This process ensures the highest standards of production, giving you a heavy, quality product.
The attributes of this clay are unique and highly regarded across the world, not only for the beautiful rich colour but for its resistance to harsher climates.  This clay is GALESTRO and is 100% natural from the area around Siena, Tuscany and is the magic ingredient and the byword prized by many garden designers and aficionados.
Galestro clay confers anti-freezing properties and has no added chemicals and is environmentally friendly.  As an artisan product it is normal for slight differences in colour and shape to occur and over time your pot will take on its own patina as it weathers beautifully and gives many years of enjoyment!
This pottery is frost  resistant, however it is advisable to adhere to the following advice in Winter to give your beautiful planters the best care.
Do not leave water inside pots during the coldest periods.
If your pot is filled with earth, make sure there is suitable drainage and use 'crock' at the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage.
Do not leave a pot in direct contact with the ground, use feet or supports.

Do not move frozen objects.

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